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It isn't enough that students are exposed to the arts in their academic lives. At LAHSA, we want our students to take an interdisciplinary approach to their studies. That means they should understand the math that goes into their stage movement, the history that explains the tech they work with, and the art that is reflected in their writing.We see Linked Learning as a way to tie classes together so that they truly cross over. While our teachers already implement aligned thematic units in their classrooms, Linked Learning projects take those units one step further. Students focus on individual components of a greater whole in their day-to-day work. By the time the project is completed and ready to be presented, students can look back to see how each piece, and each class, relates to the finished product.Linked Learning projects reflect real-world applications. It is another way to look at the problems facing today's world.

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The mission of LAUSD’s Career Technical Education and Linked Learning Department is to:

  • Design and implement programs of study with high-quality CTE curriculum and industry-recognized certifications

  • Equip students with the necessary technical and academic competencies to thrive in both post-secondary education and their chosen careers

  • Incorporate equivalent dual enrollment CTE courses during the school day that lead to a certificate or degree

  • Engage students in the world of work through work-based learning opportunities, including career exploration, financial literacy, job shadows, work readiness, mentorships, and internships

  • Contextualize learning through industry-relevant interdisciplinary project-based units

  • Embed career technical student leadership development into pathway programs

  • Spark students’ interests in an array of enriching career technical education experiences that prepare them for a future in a diverse global society

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Seize Your Future Here

Unleash your creative potential and open doors to limitless futures. Our arts education equips you with skills adaptable to any industry. Join us to explore a world of possibilities.

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