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School Site Council & Governance Board

The School Site Council makes important recommendations concerning the school’s instructional program. The school principal, school staff members, students and parents are part of the School Site Council. 


The areas of focus for the School Site Council include:

* Developing and approving the Single Plan for Student Achievement  which identifies and implements curriculum and instructional practices to support high achievement goals. 

* Working with committees and community members to identify areas of growth to recommend to the the Governing Board and Principal.

* Supporting the work of the ELAC/CEAC committees, the GATE program, and LAHSA's artistic program

* Recommending an annual budget for the use of state funds to support the Single Plan for Student Achievement.

Do you want to have a voice on how LAHSA implements its budgets and school policies?  Come join us for our monthly Governing Board/SSC meeting, on one Wednesday of each month from 5:00-7:00pm in the Main Office Conference Room. Snacks will be provided. All dates and times are listed on “Important Dates.” For more information or to get involved call Cathy Kwan at 213-480-4600.

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Seize Your Future Here

Unleash your creative potential and open doors to limitless futures. Our arts education equips you with skills adaptable to any industry. Join us to explore a world of possibilities.

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