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Principal's Welcome Message

Hello LAHSA Family!

My name is Cathy Kwan, and I am honored to serve as the principal of Los Angeles High School of the Arts. I have been part of the LAHSA community since 2008, first as a teacher, then as a coordinator and an assistant principal. I understand the importance of advocating for our pilot school autonomies, maintaining a strong focus on Arts education, continuing to build on our rigorous instructional program, and cultivating strong relationships within our community.


As principal, I work everyday to ensure that students and staff have a school that promotes safety, well-being, and effective learning. I will celebrate your achievements, small and large. I will encourage you every day and let you know that you are valued and have a place in our school community. I will work hard to ensure that our students receive the best instruction they need to graduate and move into the next chapter of their lives with the information and skills required for their success.


Our program allows students a way to experience the arts through connections to their academic classes and in specialized design or performance pathways. Our goal is to allow you to build confidence, hone critical analysis skills, and explore a variety of other strengths you may not have had the ability to pursue before. Build a complicated domino-dropping machine out of household scraps, give a heart-rending monologue about ants, learn computer-aided drafting and design to give life to 3D printed creations, perform for elementary school students, become an academic powerhouse through our Advanced Placement and STEAM-aligned courses. And while we understand not every student wishes to stand in the spotlight, we will be here to cheer you on as walk across the Cocoanut Grove stage to receive your diploma!


Coffee with the 

Parents and Guardians, join us in a conversation about what's going on at LAHSA and RFK.  Every month, Ms. Kwan hosts a morning meeting that allows you to voice your concerns and learn about what's coming up. 

Parents, know that I value your cooperation, will listen to your input, and help you navigate these extremely important high school years with your children. Please consider attending one of our monthly ☕️Coffee with the Principal meetings☕️ to learn more about what is happening at your school. 


These last few years have been challenging for all of us as we have had to deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic, but I am ready to help lead our school from recovery into its next phase of learning, growth, and success. I am thankful to have this opportunity to continue growing with LAHSA. If you have any questions, my door is always open, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

With love and respect,


Cathy Kwan

Principal's Office

Cathy Kwan



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Seize Your Future Here

Unleash your creative potential and open doors to limitless futures. Our arts education equips you with skills adaptable to any industry. Join us to explore a world of possibilities.

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