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Students are becoming the very best versions of themselves.

There is a growing acceptance of the need for a heart-centered, whole-child approach – educating the intellect, the heart, and the character of our young people. EduCare’s unique approach to social-emotional learning (SEL) is Heartset® Education.

EduCare provides exemplary transformational education, guiding young people to be healthy, whole, successful and contributing citizens, and adults to be inspiring and supportive role models.  


Achievement and Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Program

Our flagship program for students, firmly rooted in social-emotional learning (SEL), promotes the skills and self-confidence needed to achieve academic excellence.

ACE Initiative (AI) Schools

AI weaves Heartset® Education into the fabric and culture of a school throughout the year, supporting students, teachers and parents to build schools infused with kindness, empathy and human connection.

Afterschool Programs

Conducted within our framework of SEL and Heartset® Education, EduCare’s Afterschool Programs go beyond simply providing a safe afterschool environment – by actively engaging students in life-changing opportunities for learning, leadership, and growth.

Specialized Student Services

Our wide range of support services include Case Management Support, English Language Learners (ELLs) Support, Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention, and Leadership and Service Learning.

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Seize Your Future Here

Unleash your creative potential and open doors to limitless futures. Our arts education equips you with skills adaptable to any industry. Join us to explore a world of possibilities.

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